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The Credit Beast™

Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, and Speaker  with a background and degrees in International Business, Finance, and Software Engineering Management; Jimarcus has held many titles on his journey to success. He has grown from a former Bank Employee, Gov't Financial Disposition Healthcare Analyst, Medicare/Medicaid Specialist, and Government Executive Consultant to now the CEO of FYI Business and Financial Solutions Inc., J. Blandin Enterprises, and Conversion Real Estate Solutions Inc. In addition,he holds several partnerships with other small businesses that he has help grow and start up. He holds a lot of titles but among all of his titles, the ones that he holds most high is being a Great Father, Coach, and Proud Mentor to our youth with now over 40+ attending college after coming through his program since 2016.     

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Why Jimarcus

As the founder of Wealthy Mindset University and with over 16 years experience  as a business owner Jimarcus knows the ups and down on the road to success. He's vastly grown into a well sought after  Business/Mindset Coach and serves as a philanthropist with a keen focus on giving back as much knowledge as possible to the community.  


As a Board Certified Credit Expert, Certified Credit Score Professional, FCRA Certified Expert and an Ambassador to a growing community of professionals, Jimarcus has set out on a journey to Empower, Educate, and Help others understand the importance of credit, finance and developing a wealthy mindset. 

On a personal and business level, understanding credit and how to build business credit is essential to every business. His extensive knowledge of business as well as business credit/finanace makes him an asset to every business owner that he coaches or company that hires him as  a consultant.

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The Mission

To help small business owners every step of the way from concept to implementation and  achieving financing to have all the tools for optimum success. The focus is to help business owners reach their goals of optimum success.


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